Modular Cleanrooms
PCGI (Powder coated GI)

PCGI panel are made from GPSP 0.6/0.8mm sheets of a reputed brand with panel thicknesses of 44mm / 50mm / 60mm / 80mm / 100mm / 160mm. The panels are powder coated with 60-80 microns and are insulated with PUF / PIR / Rockwool / Paper Honey Comb. The Panels are designed to have a flush finish with coved corners for easy cleaning. The walk on false ceiling is self supporting with minimum supports from the super structure enabling free movement for services.

HPL (High pressure Laminate)

HPL panels are made from 4mm high pressure laminate sheets on both sides and stuck to the aluminum frame for better stability. The panels are available in 86mm & 66mm thicknesses and are insulated with PUF / PIR / Rockwool / Paper Honey Comb

GRP (Glass reinforced polymer)

GRP panels are the higher end panels. They are monolithic and give a very smooth finish enabling to achieve ISO-5 easily. The panels are handmade and are made from imported polymer fibers..


Economical PPGI panels are made of 0.5mm PPGI sheets with PUF / Paper Honey Comb panels which can be used in Non-core areas

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